About Ibis and Spoonbill

Hello Stranger!

Welcome to the lives and the friendship of Ibis and Spoonbill. We’re delighted that you’ve found your way to our shared blog. We’re even more delighted that you were interested enough to ask yourself, “Who are Ibis and Spoonbill?” and click the link to learn more. Thanks for being here.

Book 1: Ibis and Spoonbill Are Born

Scientifically speaking, Ibis and Spoonbill are large, long-legged wading birds in the family Threskiornithidae (thank you Wikipedia). We first learned about I&S when we visited Montreal, QC in February 2009. One exceptionally chilly day (just kidding, every day of that trip was exceptionally chilly), we decided to explore the Biodôme. And we learned something that changed our friendship forever.

Both species of birds like to feed in shallow water, so they often meet up for Sunday brunches and mid-week dinners. Ibis has a long, pointed beak, which curves downwards. Spoonbill has a long, flat, somewhat spoon-shaped beak (of course). Ibis finds food by probing with her long beak, resulting in an up and down motion. Spoonbill finds food by dipping her beak into the water and sweeping it from side to side. So when dining together, Ibis is always nodding, “yes, yes” and Spoonbill is responding, “no, no.” We had stumbled across a brilliant metaphor for our friendship. One of us (ahem, Ibis) tends to get a little carried away and goes off on excited tangents more often than not. It usually falls to Spoonbill to be the voice of reason. It’s something of a recurring theme.

Ok ok, so it didn’t actually change our friendship forever. But it did become a wonderful inside joke. Saturday morning texts sometimes looked like, “Ibis and Spoonbill Party Too Hard.” Or, “Ibis and Spoonbill Open a Bottle of Tequila with a Hammer.” We created titles for our travel stories. For example, “Ibis and Spoonbill Fringe Too Hard and Wind Up Homeless in Edinburgh.” Or, “Ibis and Spoonbill Try to Drink Every Cocktail on the Menu in Nha Trang.”

Clearly Ibis and Spoonbill love to travel. But what Ibis and Spoonbill really love to do is write. To each other. Because we no longer live in the same country. Does Ibis miss Spoonbill? You bet. Does Spoonbill miss Ibis? Without a doubt. Can 2,500 kilometres keep Ibis and Spoonbill from being true blue best friends? Hell no.

Welcome to our friendship. Everything we tell each other, we’re going to tell you. Consider it an intimate look at the lives of two twenty-something girls. Consider it a collection of misadventures in life and love. Consider yourself warned.

Love Ibis and Spoonbill


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