The New Format

Time flies when you’re having fun. Quick calendar check…neither Spoonbill nor I have posted anything since March 18. That was almost four months ago. Oops? But we had a quick standard three hour long Skype call this morning during which we discussed some changes we’d like to make to the blog if we’re going to keep it up. And here’s the thing, blog-land, the letter-writing format is kind of a drag. Spoonbill and I talk on a very daily basis via text, email, skype, phone, telepathy, etc. So when we start a blog-post about something, it feels bizarre to write as if we haven’t already told each other all about it. And I think the tone must ring false to the reader. It’s especially false when there are background details that need to be explained to strangers, but both of us know all of each other’s background details from the past six years. But, a solution is at hand! We’re doing away with the letter format and we’re just going to write our posts to blog-land. To facilitate that we have two new categories: Life of Ibis and Life of Spoonbill. Easy peasy.

Let the blog-writing begin again!



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